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1921 - 2022

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Eyebrow Wax
Clothes Hangers

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Studying in a Coffee Shop

Our Tenants

  • BioWorld Engineering, Inc.

  • Dulce Studio Inc.

  • The Lash Room - Autumn Snyder

  • Waxes and Lashes - Rochelle Lusk

  • MBJ Insurance and Financial

  • Misty Pines Consulting, Inc.

  • Sacred Garden & Reiki Center

  • Maribel Alvarez Chavez, Nails

  • Dr. Tiffani Grant MS, PsyD

  • Dr. Jeoung Park

  • Metro Traffic Data

  • Yolanda Echebeste-Silva

  • Veronica Diaz

  • Lizbeth Lerma, LMFT

  • Broken Cup 

  • RejuvMe

  • Kacy Silva Hair

  • Tawni Hooper Photography

  • Blossom Aesthetics

  • Laynee Dawn Berna

  • The Nail Vault Griselda Torres

  • Maria Cervantes and Melvis (Alex)Cisneros

  • Sadie Jones

  • Headsup Pillow

  • Home Built Energy

  • Law Offices of Neil Helding

  • California Health Collaborative 

  • 4Creeks, Inc.

  • Divinity Contemporary Fashions

  • Summit Fitness


  • Acai Bar

  • Hola Cafecito Coffee

A country without a past has the emptiness of a barren continent; and a city without old buildings is like a man without a memory.

Graeme Shankland, British Architect (1917-1984)

Available Space

High Visibility Street Level CORNER SUITE(s)

This is a very desirable location in Downtown Hanford. This is a bottom floor, corner suite in the Historic Wealth Center Building. with an entrance from the corner of Irwin Street and 8th, as well as an entrance from 8th Street. The space(s) could potentially be separated, and are directly across from the  Carousel in the Civic Park where Farmer's Market and Winter Wonderland Ice Rink and numerous concerts and events are held. Windows facing both Irwin and 8th Street make it easy for customers to see you, and from inside to see the goings on in the park. Suitable for various retail services. Please use the contact form below to contact us via email or call 559-582-1400 to submit interest.

A salesperson handing a bag to a shopper

Our vision: Flower Shop, Gift Shop, Children's Apparel or other Retail!

Great Visibility and an incredible view of the happenings at courthouse square!

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