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1921 - 2022

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Our Tenants

  • BioWorld Engineering, Inc.

  • Dulce Studio Inc.

  • The Lash Room - Autumn Snyder

  • MBJ Insurance and Financial

  • Sacred Garden & Reiki Center

  • Metro Traffic Data

  • Yolanda Echebeste-Silva LMFT

  • Veronica Diaz, LMFT

  • Lizbeth Lerma, LMFT

  • Broken Cup Studio

  • RejuvMe

  • Kacy Silva Hair

  • Tawni Hooper Photography

  • Pristine Roofing

  • Martella Aesthetics

  • Victoria Soares

  • Blossom Aesthetics

  • Laynee Dawn Berna

  • Maria Cervantes and Melvis (Alex)Cisneros

  • Sadie Jones

  • Headsup Pillow

  • Home Built Energy

  • Law Offices of Neil Helding

  • California Health Collaborative 

  • 4Creeks, Inc.

  • Divinity Contemporary Fashions

  • Summit Fitness

  • Concepts Barber Studio


  • Acai Bar

  • Hola Cafecito Coffee

  • Prestige Cabinets and Stone

A country without a past has the emptiness of a barren continent; and a city without old buildings is like a man without a memory.

Graeme Shankland, British Architect (1917-1984)

Available Space

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